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Your Complete Guide in Making Your Own Sweets Buffet

Having a “sweet tooth” is a saying we’ve all heard. Many people have used it since it first originated in the Middle Ages. It’s become such a popular way of saying that you’re craving something sweet to eat that nobody even thinks twice when they hear it anymore. One thing you may find yourself thinking twice about, though, is making your own sweets buffet.

Although buffets have been around for some time now, a “sweets buffet” is a relatively new concept. It doesn’t take much imagination to conceptualise what one is, though.

How to put one together for your next event may require some thought. That’s why we have some tips to share with you here. 

Making your Own Sweets Buffet

Before you start purchasing sweets for your buffet, you need to create a plan. This strategy will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. It’ll also take away the stress since you have a clear, precise plan to execute. 

Create a Guest List

Who you invite to your party will help determine what type of party you can have. For instance, if you’re inviting children, you’ll want to have some giant lollipops on hand. However, if you’re inviting older guests, consider including some vintage sweets. 

Decide Where to Host Your Buffet

You don’t want to start buying supplies before you know how much room you’ll have available. This information will also help you determine whether you’ll need to push the table up against the wall or allow people to access it from all sides. Regardless of the amount of room you’ll have, it’s essential to use various heights to create a better presentation.

Choose a Theme

It’s always great to have a theme for your party. Doing so will allow you to find creative ways to make your party more festive. For instance, you could choose an explorer’s theme around which you’ll want to plan some colourful linens and possibly even some stuffed animals or balloons to fill up the space.

Choose Your Sweets

The more people you invite, the more sweets you’ll need. Not only is it a good idea to have a variety of sweets available, but you should also offer half a pound per attendee and at least one type of sweet for every 12 people you invite.

Remember the Finishing Touches

It’s easy to overlook the incidentals. Things like napkins, serving spoons, and takeaway bags shouldn’t get overlooked. These items are essential to remember when you’re determining your final budget.

Your Sweets Buffet Set Up

Once you’ve taken the time to do all of your planning, it’s time for your big event. On the day you plan to host your sweets buffet, there are a few things you’ll want to do and a few things you’ll want to remember as you set up your buffet table.

Make sure you choose a long, narrow table. It shouldn’t be too big, or it’ll look empty. Once you have your table situated in the room, you’ll want to decorate it. To do so, start by dividing your table into three spaces: front, middle, and back. Each space will call for a different decorating touch.

The Back Zone

You should start in this area. Place the tallest and largest containers here where they’re easily seen. If you don’t have any tall containers, improvise. You can use hard-bound books, wooden crates, or rigid boxes to add a base that elevates the back row. Make sure you place long, easy-to-grab things like Custom lollipops here. 

The Middle Zone

Here’s where you want to place things like fruit beans to grab people’s attention. This section is also an excellent place for your bulk sweets which will take up a lot of room. Make sure you don’t block the items at the back of your table, though.

The Front Zone

Now that you have the middle and the back of your table set up, it’s time to include your plates of cobras, bowls of jelly bones, and platters of orange slices upfront. Since this area will be easy for your guests to reach, you can go all out with your sweet selection here. You can also place pre-packed personalised gifts for your attendees here.

Enjoy Your Sweets Buffet 

There are millions of different types of sweets available for you to enjoy today. These choices can make it challenging to decide what to feature on your sweets buffet. At The Sweet Factory, we understand this challenge, and that’s why we’re here to help you.

Not only do we carry many of these different varieties of sweets, but we also love to work with you to find the ones you’ll enjoy the most. With us, you’ll learn the true meaning of “Eat sweets, be happy.” Check out our online sweet shop today and put together the perfect buffet for your next event — we even deliver!

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