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A Candy Buffet For Your Wedding? Why Knot!

A Wedding Candy Buffet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re planning your big day, but it should be on your radar.

This tasty treat selection may seem like something better suited to children’s birthday parties, but a candy buffet is ideal for weddings, too.

Whether you’re looking for a memorable way to treat your wedding guests, or you just want something a bit unusual and playful at your wedding reception, a candy buffet is just the ticket. It’s a hit with all ages, and it doesn’t take a ton of preparation, either. You can adapt a candy buffet to suit any venue and put your personal touch on it.

There are so many reasons why a candy buffet is perfect for your wedding day. Here are just a few of the great reasons you should say yes to the candy buffet when you tie the knot.

Reason #1: Wedding Candy Buffets Are Fun and Unique

Wedding Candy buffets are an unexpected treat for your guests.

Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they see their favourite sweets all displayed for them to enjoy.

Weddings can sometimes be quite stuffy affairs, but adding a candy buffet instantly adds a dash of fun to the event and sets it apart from the rest.

Your candy buffet can be as unique as you like. Choose quirky, fun sweets in bright colours, or stick to a single colour scheme. Weddings don’t have to be boring and plain, especially when you have so many different types of sweets to choose from.

Fill your buffet with all your favourite sweets, and have your partner select their favourites, too. Then you can craft your very own pick n’ mix combining the two. 

Reason #2: Everyone Loves Sweets

It may sound cliche, but everyone loves sweets. From your youngest wedding guests to your oldest, everyone will love picking out their favourite sweet treats from your buffet. 

Imagine your guests mingling around the candy buffet, enjoying the taste of delicious sweets that remind them of their childhood. Of course, they’ll also think of you and your wedding every time they eat sweets in the future.

Reason #3: Sweets Make Wonderful Decorations

If you’re struggling to come up with decorations for your wedding, look to your candy buffet for answers. Your candy buffet can double as your main decoration during your wedding reception.

Since sweets come in all colours and shapes, you can match your sweets to your wedding colours. Get creative with your sweets display. Use pretty containers to hold and display your sweets, and make the buffet the central decoration. This will give your guests something beautiful to use as a backdrop for photos and a fun place to gather and socialise.

Reason #4: Candy Buffets Are Inexpensive But Impressive

Your candy buffet can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you like, and buying sweets in bulk can save you even more money. Maximise your savings by using larger sweets as decorations and providing small containers for guests to place their chosen sweets in while they mingle.

Save smaller containers for your more expensive sweets, like chocolates or candied nuts. Fill larger containers with less expensive sweets, like big, fluffy marshmallows or even candy floss. Doing this will let you make a big impact while keeping costs down.

Reason #5: Candy Buffets Create Great Take-home Gifts

Small cloth bags work well as sweets bags, and they give your guests something they can keep long after the sweets have been eaten. You could even provide containers with the date of your wedding printed on them for an added personal touch.

Reason #6: Candy Buffets Are Easy

Weddings are big, stressful events. With so much to plan and remember, a candy buffet makes planning your reception easier. Candy buffets require very little planning, and you can order your sweets online in advance so you’re ready for the big day.

Once it’s time for your wedding, simply fill your containers and arrange them to create your display. The only real planning you have to do is to choose your sweets and decide how much of each sweet you’ll need. Of course, the most difficult part of the process is resisting eating the sweets yourself!

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