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The Perfect Event For a Candy Buffet

Any special event is truly an excuse for a delicious candy buffet. Sometimes called candy stations, these spreads help you set a beautiful focal point for your next event. 

Not only are candy buffets impressive, but they’re also interactive. They let your guests build their desert to their liking and help make sure everyone gets a little bit of all of their favourites. 

No matter what event you’re planning, a candy buffet makes the perfect addition to any social event. Keep reading to see all of our ideas about what events on your calendar would benefit from a candy buffet. 

Some Considerations

When you decide on a sweets buffet, you should consider the theme or colours of the event you plan to put on. 

Consider a cohesive theme, tying the event together. Maybe your child is having a birthday party themed around dinosaurs, and maybe you’re having a party filled with dragons and fantasy creatures. You can look for sweets that directly or indirectly coordinate with a theme for your party. 

When it comes to more grown-up parties, though, it can be harder to nail down a theme. Bridal showers may happen when the couple hasn’t picked out wedding colours yet. Sweet sixteen birthdays may not have as direct a theme or colour as a young child’s party. 

You can take inspiration for a theme from various areas of your event. What do your invitations look like? If they’re gold and sparkle in the sunlight, we have candy that fits the bill: our sugared jellies look just like glitter! From there, the sky is the limit! 

Children’s Birthdays

Ideally, you’d have about 200 grams of sweets per person in attendance. When it comes to children and their endless love of sugar, it may be advised to order slightly more than this number if your event primarily has children in attendance. 

When selecting candy, think about what would be attractive to your guests. What sweets will their eyes be drawn towards when they see a sprawling buffet of sweet treats? 

First, pair colours together. If all of your decorations are green, for example, you might not want only green candy, and they might blend in with your decorations and not stand out on their own. Instead, find complementary colours like teals or mint greens to accent the primary colours of your displays. 

You want the candy to be easily identifiable in colour and flavour for children’s parties. Our sugared watermelon slices, for example, look just like watermelon, and a young child can quickly identify the candy just by sight alone. 

Often, children love sour sweets. Fantasy belts are a great way to bring a pop of colour to your sweets buffet while giving a flash of flavour children are sure to love. 


Desserts for weddings can get quite costly. Worse yet, cakes are messy and take a lot more effort to make sure everyone gets a sweet treat at the end of the evening. Despite all the work that goes into a wedding cake, it’s usually expected for wedding cakes to be dull in flavour and they often leave a lot to be desired. 

Instead of putting all of your focus into a tasty cake, maybe opt for a smaller one for the bride and groom to enjoy taking pictures with. Then, serve your guests a sweet dessert with a buffet of their favourite sweets. 

No matter the wedding colours, chocolate is always luxurious and guaranteed to please even the pickiest of family members. It’s low on mess and easy to clean up, both great things for a busy wedding night. 

Baby Showers

If you’re planning a wedding shower, it’s customary to send your guests home with a small token of appreciation at the end of the event. 

While customary, it isn’t exactly an affordable thing to do. That’s where sweets come in. Pre-packaged sweets let you put together small gift baskets for your guests and thank them for their time and contribution to a growing family while making sure the bulk of your money stays where you need it- with the soon-to-be mother. 

Pre-packaged sweets also allow you to cut down on your prep time, which is great for parties that involve a lot of planning and coordination to pull them off perfectly. 

These treats can be added to a sweets buffet, too, helping you with the headache of planning a beautiful display by simply filling a jar with the small, pre-portioned snacks. 

Ready For A Buffet? 

If you’re ready to have a sweets buffet at your next gathering, look no further than us at Sweet Factory. We have all the treats you could imagine, from giant lollipops to pre-packaged gummy bears. 

We have everything you need to make your next party a hit with your guests. If you’re ready to order, take a look at our shop today and get your next sweets buffet filled up with everyone’s favourite treats.

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