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  • Apple Belts

    Apple Belts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Immerse into the apple belt’s vibrant taste from the first bite you take. They are simply irresistible!

    Rich apple flavour, and gooey texture paired up with sour powder on top is making these apple belts gummies one of a kind!

  • Apple Cables

    Apple Cables

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    A bunch of apple cables is all you need for a perfect afternoon snack.

    A creamy soft center and chewy outer layer with a delicious apple flavour will make your mood a thousand times better!

    Apple cables are the Earthlings’ best friends!

  • Apple Rings

    Apple Rings

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Apple rings that are chewy, soft and full of delicious green apple flavor, can be a perfect addition to any party, candy buffet, or even an after meal snack. Sweet Factory apple rings are sure to delight even the most demanding of Earthlings!

  • Bananas


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Don’t go bananas, eat them!

    Sweet Factory bananas will bring back those sweet childhood memories with every bite of sugar-covered gummy treats.

    Bright yellow coloured, perfectly shaped and full of natural bananas flavour, they will inspire and delight everyone’s inner child.

  • Sweet Factory Big Crocodile Pick n Mix

    Big Crocodile

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Some people are scared of big crocodiles, but brave Sweet Factory space crew members are certainly not!

    They tamed the crocodiles and made sure they were as sweet and chewy as the other creatures of the Sweet Factory universe.

  • Big Fish

    Big Fish

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Big fish is not only found in the oceans on Earth, it’s also found in our Sweet Factory universe!

    Our Cosmic Crew has brought these funky big fish jellies for Earthlings to enjoy – and we weren’t disappointed!

  • Big Ice Cream

    Big Ice Cream

    16.00 د.إ 100g

    Fancy a big ice cream but don’t have a fridge? We solved it for you!

    Stretchy, sweet, and creamy all at the same time – this big ice cream treat will take your pleasure to another level.

    The light vanilla scent is absolutely gorgeous, combined with the smooth texture and appealing looks.  These gummies are a massive hit amongst the Sweet Factory crew!

  • Big Shark

    Big Shark

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Big shark makes you scared? That’s because you haven’t tried them! Our Sweet Factory big shark gummies are delightful treats that kids love to eat and play with. Its sweet and tangy blackberry flavour makes it even more appetizing!


  • Big Strawberry Cakes

    Big Strawberry Cakes

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Big strawberry cakes are a perfectly sweet addition to your day.

    Aromatic strawberry flavour complimented by a creamy vanilla base will bring the experience of a real strawberry cake right to your pocket!

    Sugar-coated big strawberry cakes will delight anyone who gives them a go.

  • Caterpillar


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Sweet Factory Caterpillar is more than just a gummy.

    It’s stretchy texture and unique shape will attract anyone who’s got a sweet tooth!

    Eat and play, let you imagination take you to a colourful caterpillar world!

  • Chocolate Rice Balls

    Choco Milk Crisp Rice Balls

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Who doesn’t like chocolate?  Even SF04, our Space Robot, can’t live without it.  Especially when it’s paired with the crunchiest of rice balls.

    Our Choco Milk Crisp Rice Balls are SP04’s absolute favourite!

  • Chocolate Rice Balls

    Choco Milk Pretzel Balls

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Choco milk pretzel balls are so irresistibly crunchy that there’s absolutely no chance an Earthling creature won’t like it!

    Smooth and silky milk chocolate paired with salted pretzels – can you feel the mouthwatering sensation already?

    Adored by adults and kids all around the Universe, choco milk pretzel balls serve as a wonderful snack or a sweet treat for everybody!

  • Chocolate Fudge

    Chocolate Fudge

    15.00 د.إ

    Chocolate fudge means endless pleasure. Soft, creamy candy that is slightly crumbly and tastes like heaven!

    You’ll come back for more, guaranteed!

  • Chocolate Hearts

    Chocolate Hearts

    We know all about Cosmic Love.

    Little chocolate hearts, beautifully wrapped and delivered to you or your love interest.

    What could be more romantic than that!

  • Sweet Factory Cobra Jelly Pick n Mix


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Bright and colourful, these cobra gummies are a mix of soft, chewy, full of flavor sweets.

    Loved by adults and kids all around Earth!

    And not only … We know, because we travel through Space to deliver these to every corner of Sweet-Factory Universe!

  • Cola Belts

    Cola Belts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Do you love our chewy cola belts? Thank Cassie, she’s the one who found them right behind Saturn – or so she told us.

    Our taste buds were sizzling! We tried to find something similar behind other planets, but no, these cola belts are the absolute best!

  • Dragon


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Dragon is one of the most powerful creatures in the Sweet Factory universe.

    Nobody knew dragons could taste that good! Orange, strawberry, apple and lemon flavours make these gummies truly delectable.

    Lengthy shape provides endless space for imagination and creativity, that’s why Earthling kids adore dragon jellies so much!

  • Fancy Cherry

    Fancy Cherry

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Fancy cherry is a bite-sized treat that will appeal to all Sweet Factory fans.

    Made with natural flavours and colours, fancy cherry is delightfully sweet, tart and chewy.

    Keep them for your midday snack or share them with your friends and colleagues for an amazing atmosphere of joy and happiness!

  • Fancy Strawberry

    Fancy Strawberry

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Fancy strawberry is one of Sweet Factory bestsellers. It’s juicy, stretchy and smooth character filled with natural strawberry flavouring makes fancy strawberry so refreshing and sweet. Don’t miss out on this palatable treat!

  • Fantasy Belts

    Fantasy Belts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Fantasy belts are a mix of bold yet natural fruity flavours shaped into long, wide belts with vibrant colours.

    Dewy treats that will bring joy to anyone who tries them, pleasure guaranteed!

    Pick up your pack of fantasy belts today!

  • Fish Bones

    Fish Bones

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Whether you are trick-or-treating or enjoying your snack, fish bones will delight you on any occasion.

    A stretchy, gummy texture with a light vanilla and strawberry scent will make you savour the day.

    Fish bones are found on the Fish planet in the far-away corner of Sweet Factory Universe and we promise that no fish got hurt during the sourcing!

    Our fish love fish bones just like Earthlings do!

  • Fizzy Cola Bottles

    Fizzy Cola Bottles

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Fizzy cola bottles have an unbeatable taste and texture.

    Little gummies powdered in soured sugar, packed with tons of Cola flavour, are the perfect treat for anyone who loves cola.

    Akiko, our Cosmic Crew member, went searching for that perfect sweet fizzy cola bottles jelly to satisfy her cravings and that’s what she found at the very far corner of Sweet Factory Universe.

    Worth the wait!


  • Fizzy Mini Cola Bottles

    Fizzy Mini Cola Bottles

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Fizzy Mini Cola Bottles is everything you need for a cool afternoon on a sunny Dubai beach. Tastes just like cola, but without the bubbles! Chewy bite-sized fizzy mini cola bottles are covered with funky sour space dust, which makes snacking absolute fun!

  • Fruit Balls Gum

    Fruit Balls (Gum)

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Fruit balls are in so much demand amongst Earthlings!  These multi-coloured, marble-sized bubblegum balls are just made to load up your cheeks and have plenty of fun! Natural orange, mango and banana flavours is what making Sweet Factory fruit balls truly special.

    Want to blow the biggest bubbles ever? You’re at the right place!

  • Fruit Beans Mix

    Fruit Beans Mix

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Fruit beans mix is a funky summery snack, full of sunshine and giggles.

    Enjoy the palatable little buttons filled with fruit paste and share the fruit beans mix with your friends to treat everyone around you!

  • Giant Cola Bottles

    Giant Cola Bottles

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Giant cola bottles gummies are like cola, but so much better!

    The silky and smooth texture, filled with rich cola flavour, makes it impossible to resist.

    These giant cola bottles will bring a smile to the face of anyone who tries them!

  • Gummy Cola

    Gummy Cola

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Gummy cola bottles that are so chewy, stretchy and tasty. Simply divine! If you love cola, then our Sweet Factory gummy cola bottles are definitely your go-to munchie. Grab a bite and treat yourself!

  • Hollow Hearts

    Hollow Hearts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Love is in the air! Hollow hearts are a perfect way of expressing your feelings towards your loved one, or even towards yourself! Sweet Factory hollow hearts make dream of a luscious, sugar-coated strawberry treat come true in the best way possible!

  • Jelly Bones

    Jelly Bones

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Jelly bones are such a fun snack to have!

    Stretch them out, as you bite on them and indulge in a sweet strawberry and vanilla taste.

    The super chewy texture just adds to the delight of snacking on Sweet Factory jelly bones!

  • Lips


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Lips gummies are so cute and delectable, they will be adored by anyone who tries them.

    So chewy, the lips are filled with strawberry flavour and make the delight last forever!

  • Liquorice cables

    Liquorice Cables

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Liquorice cables have a beautiful distinguished flavour that is hard to beat. Chewy, stretchy cables with a soft creamy center will tease your taste buds. Sweet Factory liquorice cables are made to satisfy your strongest liquorice craving!

  • Medium Stick Marshmallow

    Medium Stick Marshmallow

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Medium stick marshmallow is kids and adults favourite treat.

    Fluffy, chunky, soft pieces of heaven with a subtle vanilla flavour make our medium stick marshmallows truly irresistible. Take a bite!

  • Melon Rings

    Melon Rings

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Melon rings are going to bring you back to those memories of the sugar-coated sweets we used to crave as kids. These beautiful jelly rings packed with summery flavour and stretchy fine texture are absolute must-have to create an atmosphere of sunshine wherever you are. Melon rings are just one of the many varieties of sugar-coated fruity rings that are found in Sweet Factory universe, check them all out!

  • Milk Chocolate Beans

    Milk Chocolate Beans

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    SF04, our Space Robot, can’t live without milk chocolate beans. He’d go around the Universe and pick the best of them to share with us, Earthlings.

    The look of these colourful, bright little buttons, will make your mouth water with anticipation of the silky chocolate taste. Such a fun snack to have!


  • Chocolate Brazil Nuts

    Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Who doesn’t like chocolate? Even SF04, our Space Robot, can’t live without it.

    Especially when it’s paired with big chunky Brazil nuts. No wonder they sell out fast!

  • Milk Chocolate Peanuts

    Milk Chocolate Peanuts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Who doesn’t like chocolate?

    Even SF04, our Space Robot, can’t live without it.

    Especially when it’s paired with our awesome peanuts.

    No wonder they sell out fast!

  • Chocolate raisins

    Milk Chocolate Raisins

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Who doesn’t like chocolate? Even SF04, our Space Robot, can’t live without it.

    Especially when it’s paired with our awesome raisins. No wonder they sell out fast!

  • Mini Cola Bottles

    Mini Cola Bottles

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Mini cola bottles are made for those who appreciate intense cola taste. Smooth, silky pieces of gummy bottles will give you delight and energy to go through your day. Chewy texture of Sweet Factory mini cola bottles is unbeatable and Earthlings always ask for more!

  • Mix nougat

    Mix Nougat

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Mix nougat is the ultimate solution for your sweet craving – its crunchy almonds covered with the tender chewy finest nougat will create a summery atmosphere and lift your mood up plentifully.

    Chocolate, strawberry, pistachio and vanilla flavours are making our Sweet Factory mix nougat stand out!

  • Mixed Chocolate Almonds

    Mixed Chocolate Almonds

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Mixed chocolate almonds have always had a very special place in our Space Robot’s heart.

    The delightful trio of dark, milk and white chocolate makes it even more fun to snack on. Great diversity and taste, all in one serving!

    Chocolate is well-known for its ability to increase brain productivity and almonds are packed with nutrients, so this is a perfect treat for all the brainiacs of Sweet Factory Universe!

  • Mixed Flavoured Cables

    Mixed Flavoured Сables

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    A party without mixed flavoured cables is not a party!

    Lengthy fruity cables of various vibrant colours with a creamy, soft filling, packed with natural flavourings of summer fruits and berries, are all you need for a boost of energy and a good mood.

    Mixed flavoured cables are certainly on your list of best snacks!

  • Orange Slices

    Orange Slices

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Bright orange slices are a wonderful treat for adults and kids alike.

    We can’t tell you not to lick your fingers because we know you will!

    The zesty orange flavour of these moon-shaped jellies will delight all your senses!

  • Peach Rings

    Peach Rings

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Sweet Factory Peach rings are a source of good mood and happiness. Can’t believe it?

    Try it! Round-shaped jellies, delicately sugar-coated to perfection, with natural flavouring taken from the ripe Spanish peaches – yes, that’s how palatable they are!

    Nobody can resist them, even Akiko, our Sweet Factory crew member. Peach rings never fail to impress.

  • Pink and White Marshmallow

    Pink and White Marshmallow

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Pink and white marshmallows will make you imagine that you could eat clouds. Yes!

    Our Cosmic Crew member Leo has tried that before and he assured us that the clouds taste precisely like our pink and white marshmallows.

    You can enjoy yummy pieces of fluffy treats endlessly – that’s what Sweet Factory’s mission on planet Earth is!


  • Sweet Factory Python Jelly Pick n Mix


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Bright and colourful, these python gummies are a mix of soft, chewy, full of flavor sweets.

    Loved by adults and kids all around Earth!  And not only …

    We know because we travel through Space to deliver these to every corner of Sweet Factory Universe!

  • Raspberry


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Shiny, silky raspberry is a delicate treat that you will be enjoying to the max.

    The natural raspberry flavour will satisfy your cravings for a sweet delicacy that is tender and chewy at the same time.

    Raspberry is one of Sweet Factory’s bestsellers, make sure you don’t miss out on it!

  • Raspberry and Blackberry

    Raspberry and Blackberry

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    You thought Raspberry and Blackberry are only found on Earth? Not quite so!

    These awesome chewy berries are also found in Sweet Factory Universe.

    Adored by humans of all ages, these treats are full of fresh berry flavour and palatable texture that will make your taste buds buzz with joy.

    Try them today!

  • Raspberry Belts

    Raspberry Belts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Raspberry belts is a fantastic choice for a quick sweet snack. These sugar-coated sour belts tease all the taste buds, blossoming with the authentic raspberry flavour. Chewy, long raspberry belts are loved by adults and kids alike.

  • Soft Strawberry

    Soft Strawberry

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Soft strawberry gummies taste like the fresh berries just taken off the bush. Packed with natural flavours and colours, they are simply wonderful treats that are equally appealing to both adults and kids. Soft strawberry is found only on Earth and you, Earthling creatures, should give it a go!

  • Sour Bears

    Sour Bears

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Sour bears bring the pleasure of eating jellies to a whole new level.

    If you’re like Khalid, one of our Cosmic Crew members, you must be thinking there’s nothing better than sour jelly.

    That unlikely combination of sour bears tart and sweet flavours will make you want to keep on chasing the pleasure and your mouth water!

  • Sweet Factory Sour Juiceberry Pick n Mix

    Sour Juiceberry

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    If you’re like Khalid, one of our Cosmic Crew members, you must be thinking there’s nothing better than sour jelly.

    That unlikely combination of tart and sweet will make you want to keep on chasing the flavor and your mouth water!

  • Sour neon worms

    Sour Neon Worms

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Sour Neon Worms are the most favourite of all sweets for some of our Crew Members. If you’re like Khalid, you’ll be craving them all day long! That unlikely combination of tart and sweet will make you want to keep on chasing the flavor and your mouth water!

  • Spanish Peaches

    Spanish Peaches

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Spanish peaches gummies are made of the finest natural peach flavours and colours, sugar-dusted to perfection and brought to Sweet Factory stores by our Cosmic Crew member, Akiko. The smooth and silky texture of Spanish peaches along with the sweet and crunchy coating create a perfect pairing for a great treat!

  • Stars


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    We took the stars right from the sky and carefully brought them into Sweet Factory shops to make sure every Earthling being has a taste of true magic. Strawberry, apple, lemon and orange natural flavours of stars create a lovely mix of sweet and tart. Unforgettable experience!

  • Strawberry Belts

    Strawberry Belts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    You love our strawberry belts? All Earthling creatures do!

    Sugar-coated with a hint of sour, chewy and delectable, strawberry belts are an all-time favourite treat of Sweet Factory Cosmic Crew on their missions around the Universe!

  • Strawberry Cable

    Strawberry Cables

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Strawberry cables are a perfect combination of two – sweet and chewy on the outside and soft, creamy filling inside.

    Totally irresistible!

    These pencil length gummy treats will surely lift up your mood to new highs!

  • Strawberry Hearts

    Strawberry Hearts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Strawberry hearts jellies are packed with fresh strawberry flavour and unbeatable smooth silky texture. Dusted over with tiny sugar powder, the Sweet Factory strawberry hearts will make you look forward to your snack time!

  • Strawberry Lances

    Strawberry Lances

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Strawberry lances are pencil length of strawberry flavour gummy candy with a hollow center – fresh, soft and extraordinarily chewy all at the same time!

    The appetizing colour of strawberry lances makes every Earthling’s mouth water with anticipation. Try it yourself!

  • Sugar Coated Peanuts

    Sugared Chocolate Peanuts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Who doesn’t like chocolate?

    Even SF04, our Space Robot, can’t live without it.

    Especially when it’s paired with other awesome products.

    No wonder they sell out fast!

  • Sugared Snakes

    Sugared Snakes

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Just look at these sugared snakes jellies! Bright, vibrant colours paired with the most palatable flavours of summer, together make the sugared snakes gummies stand out from the crowd of others. Such a wonderful treat that is loved by all our Cosmic Crew members!

  • Sugared Strawberry

    Sugared Strawberry

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Yummy sugared strawberry makes you forget all your woes. As you bite through the crunchy sugar coating into the juicy jelly center with an intense strawberry flavour, you will feel a wave of happiness and delight. Get yourself a handful and enjoy!

  • Sugared Triple Cake

    Sugared Triple Cake

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Sugared triple cake were created for those, who have a sweet tooth and love strawberries, vanilla, apples and all the summery flavours.

    With every bite of sugared triple cakes, you will immerse yourself in daydreaming about sunny, calm days filled with happiness and joy. Such a wonderful treat to try!

  • Sugared Watermelon Slices

    Sugared Watermelon Slices

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    When you think of summer, you remember sugared watermelon slices.

    It’s the ultimate summertime treat that unites kids and adults in all corners of our Universe.

    Sweet Factory took this yummy treat and made it even better – enjoy your sugared watermelon slices straight from the bag, we know you can’t wait!

  • Sugary Balls

    Sugary Balls

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Sugary balls make the perfect fruity treat for those who don’t want summer to end. Notes of apple, strawberry, orange and lemon give a tangy twist to the sweet sugar coat of these stretchy gummies. Sugary balls are great to share and hard to resist!

  • Teddy Bears

    Teddy Bears

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Teddy bears are an all-time classic and fan favourite!

    Snacking on these bright, chewy and flavourful gummies will take you down memory lane.

    Reminisce over the happy times together with Sweet Factory teddy bears!

  • Sweet Factory Teeth Jelly Pick n Mix


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Teeth as jellies? Spooky? Yummy! These teeth gummies are a mix of soft, chewy, full of flavour sweets.

    Loved by adults and kids all around Earth!

  • Tiny Hearts

    Tiny Hearts

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Tiny hearts are going to make your day extra special. Sweet sugar coating, peach and strawberry flavours and silky texture of bite-sized tiny hearts jellies will be the best addition to a party table or to your sweet craving moment. Try them today!

  • Tropimix


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Tropimix is one of our bestsellers. Why? Its luscious, rich taste of exotic fruits bring the upmost joy and satisfaction for anyone who gets them handy. Sweet Factory Tropimix is all about fruity fiesta, without leaving your home or office!

  • Turtles


    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Turtles are a symbol of wisdom. How about these colourful, sweet gummy turtles? There are a symbol of joy! Full of fruity flavour and chewy texture, these little gummies will win your heart over at a glance.


  • Vanilla Fudge

    Vanilla Fudge

    15.00 د.إ

    Vanilla fudge will bring you back to your childhood memories with its creamy soft texture and unforgettable taste.

    Take a bite of heaven to sweeten up your day!

  • Vanilla nougat

    Vanilla Nougat

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Vanilla nougat is a palatable sweet treat that delights everyone with its soft, chewy consistency.

    A touch of crushed almonds adds to its rich taste and satisfies even the most demanding of Earthlings!

    Try our Sweet Factory vanilla nougat today!

  • Wiggly Snakes

    Wiggly Snakes

    15.00 د.إ 100g

    Wiggly snakes are so much fun! You can eat the, play with them or give them to your friends in a party hamper

    Whichever option you choose, wiggly snakes will be a hit!

    Delectable, fresh and colourful, they are so worth trying!

  • Wild Berries

    Wild Berries

    15.00 د.إ 100 g

    Wild berries are so delectable, just like the real berries that grow in the woods. Made with natural flavours and colours, they will brighten up your day, no doubt!

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