Sweet Factory’s candy buffet and party favors are here to bring the FUN to your parties!

Us Tin Men are dedicated to bringing your badly-needed dose of sweetness for all kinds of celebrations all day, any day! 

We understand all the buzz in trying to prep for a big event, and we’re here to help you treat your guests to that little taste of sunshine and happiness that will make your party THE BEST party!

Enjoy our wide variety of confectionery, ranging from our rainbow lollipops (made from actual rainbows!) and smile emoji lollipops guaranteed to help make someone’s day, to our many candy buffet mixes that will surely cater to all the sweet tooth out there - you name it, we got it!

We know, we’re cool like that :)

And if that’s not enough to impress you, we even have a delectable little present for our Vegan and Vegetarian friends needing that sweet boost for their own parties, because who doesn’t love a teensy bit of a sugar pick-me-up? All you have to do is send us your requests and dietary requirements at [email protected]

Our hard-working team will search the planet far and wide to give you the best quality candy that you require!

Us Tin Men are dedicated!

Candy Factory’s wide selection of sweets are all ethically-sourced and Halal-certified, ensuring your candies are kept to a high standard at all times until they're delivered to you in the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready to WOW your friends and family at your party and leave them licking their fingertips in delight? Check out all our goodies and candy mixes below to bring that ‘ol razzle dazzle that will turn your guests’ frown upside down on your next big event!