Round Lollipops

7.50 د.إ 1 pc

Just look at those vibrant colours!

Our round lollipops will give you a major throwback to your childhood memories.

Sweet, piquant taste with fruity notes will bring so much pleasure and satisfaction. This is a perfect treat for your little one or a great experience to share!

Sweet Factory round lollipops never fail to impress.

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السكر ، الماء ، الجلوكوز ، حامض الستريك ، كريمة التتار ، النكهات الطبيعية (الفراولة ، التوت ، العنب البري ، العنب) الألوان الفنية ، E129 ، E132 ، E141 ، E171)

Ingredients: sugar, water, glucose, citric acid, cream of tartar, natural flavors (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, grape), food colors (E129, E132, E171, E141)

Gluten and Gelatin free.

Swirl Round Lollipops

Rainbow, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue