Melon Rings

17.00 د.إ 100g

Melon rings are going to bring you back to those memories of the sugar-coated sweets we used to crave as kids. These beautiful jelly rings packed with summery flavour and stretchy fine texture are absolute must-have to create an atmosphere of sunshine wherever you are. Melon rings are just one of the many varieties of sugar-coated fruity rings that are found in Sweet Factory universe, check them all out!

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(تاقلح لكش ىلع خيطبلا ةهكنب ةيمﻼه ىولح) خيطبلا تاقلح ةرذ اشن ،(لﻼح) يرقب نيتﻼيج ،ركس ،زوكولج بارش :تانوكملا ضمح) ةضومح مظنم ،(%1.66)زكرم حافت ريصع ،ةلدعم كيرتيسE330 كيلام ضمح ،E296 ناولأ ،(خيطب) تاهكن ،( نينايسوثنأ)E163.(اكيرباب ةصﻼخ

Glucose syrup, sugar, beef gelatin (halal), modified corn starch, apple juice concentrate (1.66%), acidity regulator (citric acid E330, malic acid E296), Flavour (watermelon), colours (Anthocyanin E163, paprika extract).