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Creating a Candy Buffet? Here’s How You Can Save Money

Candy buffets are all the rage. These tasty buffets are crowd-pleasers for all ages, from weddings to birthday parties and every event in between. 

But planning a candy buffet can be tricky, and keeping your costs down can be difficult unless you plan well ahead of time. Luckily, we know all the best tips and tricks to save you money on your next candy buffet.

Whether you’re planning to feed a crowd or just a few close friends, these tips will help you save money on your candy buffet.

How to Save Money on your Candy Buffet

Sweet Saver Tip#1: Choose Your Containers Wisely

No matter what sweets you use in your candy buffet, you’ll need to maximise your impact by choosing the perfect sweets containers. Clear glass containers are fine, but there are so many options out there that you can fit for the theme and vibe of your event.

You can also utilise whatever glass vessels you have on hand, but you’ll need to use them wisely if you want to minimise your costs. Tall, large containers are ideal for displaying larger sweets such as lollipops.

An excellent tip for those extra-tall containers is to fill the bottom with colourful sugars or other inexpensive ‘filler’ items. This will help take up extra space and stabilise the lollipops so they look great in the container.

Save the smaller containers for more expensive sweets such as chocolates or toffees. Smaller containers filled to the brim can look extravagant for less, while larger containers only filled half-full will have the opposite effect. 

Sweet Saver Tip#2: Use Colourful Decorations

Don’t overlook the importance of your decorations on your candy buffet table. By spacing out your sweets containers and filling the empty space with colourful decorations, you can make the entire buffet appear larger and more extravagant.

You can match your decoration colours to the colours of your sweets for a fun, professional look. If your buffet is themed (wedding, baby shower, etc.), you can find the perfect sweets to match the decor. Fluffy pink marshmallows are great for baby showers, while brightly coloured jelly sweets are great for birthdays or any type of celebration.

Adding a big centrepiece can make a simple candy buffet look more extravagant. You can make your own centrepiece using anything from balloons to paper flowers or anything that matches your buffet’s theme. Filling your candy buffet space with colour is an easy way to make it look more exciting and engaging, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your decorations.

Sweet Saver Tip#3: Add Some Savoury Snacks

Just because you’re hosting a candy buffet doesn’t mean you can’t bulk it out with something savoury. The combination of savoury and sweet can be a real crowd-pleaser, and savoury snacks are often very inexpensive.

Consider crisps, pretzels, or small snack-size crackers that are perfect for bulking out a candy buffet. You may even combine sweet and salty treats to create interesting delicacies for your guests. Chocolate-covered crisps, anyone?

Sweet Saver Tip#4: Consider Adding Other Sweet Snacks

Keeping with a sweets theme doesn’t mean that you only have to serve actual sweets. Just as savoury snacks can improve a candy buffet, the addition of other sweet foods can, too.

Consider adding small biscuits, cakes, or pastries to your candy buffet. This allows your guests to enjoy more filling treats, making your sweets go further. You can even make your sweet treats from scratch for further savings.

Sweet Saver Tip#5: Shop Online

One of the easiest ways to save money on your candy buffet is to shop online. Not only is this a more convenient way to purchase your sweets, but it also allows you to shop strategically and avoid those impulse purchases that can quickly drive up your costs.

You may find that you can save money by purchasing sweets in bulk online, especially for things like pick n mix sweets. By planning ahead and purchasing only what you need online, you can minimise costs and create a fantastic sweets display for any event.

Sweet Saver Tip#6: Look for Free Resources

The cost of creating a candy buffet can add up, so look for free resources wherever you can find them. For example, you may be able to borrow sweet containers instead of buying them for your event.

You can also save money on decorations by finding free images online and printing them yourself. Party planning sites often have free printables to make planning your perfect event much easier.

Let the Sweet Factory Fill Your Candy Buffet

Whether you’re planning a massive party with a giant candy buffet, or if you just want to create an intimate little display for your friends and family, Sweet Factory Dubai can help. We have all your favourite childhood sweets, and we deliver direct to your door, making your party planning easier than ever.

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