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How to Choose Sweets for Your Sweets Buffet

Sweets buffets are all the rage these days. From weddings to birthdays and anniversaries, any special event is the perfect excuse to break out mounds of delicious sweets. 

Putting together the perfect sweets buffet takes a little thought and planning, and you can’t just pour any old sweets into a dish and call it done. So how can you choose the perfect sweets for your next special event sweets buffet?

We’ve got the scoop on how to choose the perfect sweets for your buffet. Our tips will help you create the most delicious spread of sweets to make your guests’ mouths water from start to finish.

Step 1: Choose Your Theme

While setting out a sweets buffet every day may be tempting, most people reserve them for special events. The theme of your event should guide your sweets selection, so choose wisely. 

Some people like to design their sweets buffet around a themed colour scheme, choosing sweets that are all the same colour. If you’re setting out a sweets buffet for a wedding, you may want to consider the colours being used in the rest of the decor. 

Another fun idea for a theme is to stick to ‘retro’ sweets. There’s been a resurgence in popularity of the old-school pick n mix sweets, so consider setting up a buffet using your favourite childhood sweets. From gummy banana sweets to soft and foamy marshmallows, your guests will delight in visiting all their childhood favourites.

Decide whether you want specific colours of sweets in your buffet, and then consider who’ll be eating the sweets. You’ll need to buy sweets that all your guests will enjoy, so who will be eating them?

Step 2: Consider Your Guests

Will you be entertaining all ages at your buffet, or will there be mostly adults or primarily children? The sweets you choose should reflect the tastes of your guests. 

Do they have a more sophisticated palate that only chocolate can satisfy? Or would gummies be more appreciated? Once you know who will be eating from your delectable sweets buffet, you can stock it accordingly.

If you aren’t sure what your guests will like, it’s best to provide a wide variety of options. The more colourful and inviting your buffet looks, the better. Variety is always a great idea when planning a sweets buffet, so don’t be afraid to choose many different types of sweets for your display.

Step 3: Ensure You Have Enough

The last thing you want is to run out of sweets, especially if your sweets buffet is a significant feature of your event. A good rule of thumb for knowing exactly how many sweets to buy is simply purchasing around ½ pound (0.227KG) of sweets per guest. 

If this sounds like too much, consider offering take-home containers or plastic bags so guests can take some of the party sweets home with them. Alternatively, use the containers in which you display your sweets to store them to eat later. 

Step 4: Choose Appropriate Containers

When properly stored, most sweets can stay fresh and tasty for ages, so it’s a good idea to take the time to choose the proper containers to display your sweets. Glass or plastic are both fine, but make sure they’re clear so that your guests can see the sweets.

Label each container, especially if the sweets contain ingredients that could be unsafe for those with allergies, such as nuts. Fill each container so that they appear full. This means you’ll want to avoid huge containers unless you plan on buying a considerable amount of each sweet.

Step 5: Make It Easy For Guests To Get The Sweets

A beautiful spread of sweets is wasted if your guests can’t easily access them. Make sure to include scoops for every container you have and offer containers for your guests to place the sweets while they’re nibbling on them.

You may even want to pre-package some of the sweets to give to guests as parting gifts when they leave your event. Small cellophane bags with ties are an inexpensive and easy option for this, or you could use small paper sweets bags just like the ones in the pick ‘n mix shops from your childhood.

Enjoy Your Sweets Buffet 

There are millions of different types of sweets available for you to enjoy today. This amount of choices can make it challenging to decide what to feature on your sweets buffet. At The Sweet Factory, we understand this challenge, and that’s why we’re here to help you.

Not only do we carry many of these different varieties of sweets, but we also love to work with you to find the ones you’ll enjoy the most. With us, you’ll learn the true meaning of “Eat sweets, be happy.” Check out our online sweet shop today and put together the perfect buffet for your next event — we even deliver!

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