6 Sweets inspired Game Ideas

6 Sweets-inspired Game Ideas

Planning games and activities can be a chore. Of course, you want to have the best birthday party or get-together, but how do you know what to do? 

Well, your first thought is food. Of course, everyone loves snacks and sweets, but how do you incorporate sweets into a fun, engaging activity for everyone to enjoy? 

We have a few ideas to help spruce up your next party. Here are a few sweets-inspired game ideas to help make any situation just that bit sweeter. 

Why Sweets? 

Sweets are one of the easiest ways to get any child enthusiastic about participating in a game. Whether you’re a teacher hoping to get your students to have a bit of fun between lessons or you are just looking for something fun for your next get-together, sweets-themed games are a perfect way to engage with any audience of any age. 

1. Name That Sweet

There are countless chocolate sweets on the market, and all taste pretty similar. So test your chocolate knowledge by playing this easy game. We’ve got a fantastic chocolate fudge to help you get started in the sweet department. 

Blindfold your first participant, and have your participant stand before the first sweet. Say “start,” and feed the participants, sweets, one by one, challenging them to identify each one against a timer. Repeat this process for every participant. 

In the end, tally up everyone’s scores and see who has the best sweets knowledge. This game works great for older kids and teenagers looking for something competitive and engaging. 

2. Candy Cane Fishing 

This game is rather fun for those of any age. First, tie a string with a plastic hook on the end to a wooden rod. Next, place a few candy canes into a cup, and set a timer. Then, have everyone use their fishing line to “reel in” as many candy canes as possible. 

This game can be made harder by using a longer string and having the participants toss their hooks at the sweets from a distance. This can make the game more challenging for older children. 

3. Candy Board Games

Candy Checkers

This game is straightforward to set up and can provide hours of entertainment. Get (or make) a simple checkers board and bags of red and black licorice bites. 

Can’t find licorice bites? You can use Strawberry Cables for the same effect! 

Set the board with licorice bites instead of chips. When you jump another player’s piece, instead of simply setting it aside, you get to eat the sweet you took! 

How do you “king” a piece, you ask? Simply stack another licorice bite on top, or even replace it with another sweet altogether! 

Replacing pieces of board games with sweets is an easy way to make board games just a bit more fun. Try using this same logic with other board games like Sorry! or Monopoly. 


Another game you can easily sweet-i-fy is Bingo. Replace the chips or paint dots with small, individually wrapped chocolate sweets, or even match the time of year with appropriate sweets. For example, opt for marshmallow pumpkins in the fall or peppermint sweets in the winter to help tie your game in with the season or heart-shaped treats for Valentine’s Day. 

4. Lollipop Pull

This one you’ve likely seen countless times before. Find a cardboard lollipop tree, or make one yourself out of some styrofoam. On some ends of the lollipops, colour them with different coloured dots. 

Each child can pick a lollipop upon arrival, and the colour on the bottom of their stick correlates with a different prize. You can decide to use small toys as prizes or even offer larger-sized sweets to the participant with the “rarest” colour

5. Candy Toss

This game is sure to make a mess and keep the laughs coming. Set up a bucket at one side of the room, and give each participant a small container of hard candies. This game is best played with sweets of all different weights and sizes, so get creative with which ones you purchase. 

Have the participant hold their cup at one end, and on the signal, have them toss their candy, trying to make it into the bucket. Declare the winner to be whoever gets the most sweets into the bucket in the least amount of time. 

6. Sweet Style Poker

For older kids, the idea of playing a hand of poker might sound very exciting. No kid has the money, though, to play with the grown-ups. 

Replace the chips with piles of candy! Use milk chocolate beans or other small chocolates as chips, and whoever wins gets all of the candy on the table. It’s amusing at birthday parties or other social events.

Need Sweets? 

If you’ve decided now on a game to play, you’re in luck. Sweet Factory delivers sweets right to your door of any type and in any quantity. So, we have everything you could ever need if you’re looking for cotton candy, chocolate beans, or animal-shaped gummies. 

Take a look at our entire selection of sweets here today, and let us help you get the game started. 


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