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Pick ‘n Mix your favourite treats from the vast amazing World’s famous sweets selections. Delicious Sweet & Sour Jellies, Super Soft Marshmallows, Succulent Chocolate-coated Fruit & Nuts, Exclusive Hard Candies, Eye-popping Lollies, Unique Special Gift Selections, and plenty, plenty more!

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The Perfect Event For a Candy Buffet
Sweet Factory Ideas

The Perfect Event For a Candy Buffet

Any special event is truly an excuse for a delicious candy buffet. Sometimes called candy stations, these spreads help you set a beautiful focal point for your next event.  Not only are candy buffets impressive, but they’re also interactive. They let your guests build their desert to their liking and help make sure everyone gets…

Making a Candy Buffet? Here's How You Can Save Money
Sweet Factory Ideas

Making a Candy Buffet? Here’s How You Can Save Money

Candy buffets are all the rage. These tasty buffets are crowd-pleasers for all ages, from weddings to birthday parties and every event in between.  But planning a candy buffet can be tricky, and keeping your costs down can be difficult unless you plan well ahead of time. Luckily, we know all the best tips and…

How Can Sweets and Sugar Make You Happy?
Sweet Factory Ideas

How Can Sweets and Sugar Make You Happy?

If there’s one thing virtually every culture has in common, it’s a love of sweets. No matter the age, location, or demographic, sweets are one thing that brings people together. As it turns out, science has even proven that sweets can make you happier!  Although you may have heard that sweet treats should be eaten…