The Sweet Factory story

Long, long ago a race of robots called the “Tin Men” discovered sweets and candy far, far away. Here is the story of how they brought Sweet Factory to Earth…

When Planet Earth long, long ago was young and having little life; living at the bottom of the primeval swamp eating mud, the robot traders of Orion had already been spreading sweets across space and time for a millennium.  

We are the Tin Men. Captain Pickmix of Heavy Sweet Freighter Gobstopper 10 told us about his team. When Prof. Humbug first struck candy on the Homeland he knew no intelligent life form would be able to resist them.

He constructed our ancestors the first Tin Men and we follow in their noble traditions of carrying sweets through space. We Tin Men consume photons not candy: THE SWEETS ARE SAFE WITH US.

We are the Tin Men, our mission is to offer candy to Earthlings and spread the word “EAT SWEETS, BE HAPPY”.

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