The Middle East & Indian Sub-Continent

SWEET FACTORY was introduced to the United Arab Emirates in 1996 and rapidly expanded to other countries in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and the Indian Sub-Continent.

Currently, SWEET FACTORY has more than twenty outlets in premium locations all over the UAE.

The Pick ‘n’ Mix concept has a mass appeal to all ages as it combines fun and excitement with colourful sweets.

With the support of our stakeholders and a comprehensive franchising program, we continue to experience excellent growth and success. We support responsible marketing and train and implement strategies that are in line with the region’s culture. We are determined to maintain our position as the leading brand for Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets and continue our brand’s expansion in the region.

The Sweet Factory Franchise Program is an exciting and dynamic investment opportunity for investors seeking a turnkey retail business with limited risk, affordable investment, appealing products and high returns.

Middle East Locations

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