Sweet Factory stands for self–serve, mix-weigh-pay confectionery in elegantly designed kiosks or outlets. As a global leader of Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets for more than twenty six years in the confectionery industry, Sweet factory has successfully capitalized on its experience and developed a dynamic franchise support system. Its long term outlook coupled with a comprehensive training program is constantly enhancing its value-added service and strategic programs for both franchise owners and customers.

Sweet Factory offers an excellent opportunity to grow a turnkey and rewarding business that has a timeless appeal to all ages. People from all working backgrounds can successfully operate a SWEET FACTORY Franchise.

The Franchise requires minimal previous business knowledge, and no food experience or cooking skills. However, to be successful, you need some customer service experience and a passion for retail.

Sweet Factory Dubai

The Sweet Factory is a delightful and sweet franchising opportunity

  • One-price format, a large selection of self-serve sweets and a colourful layout creates impulse buy
  • Wide customer base of all ages
  • High growth and potentially high-profit margins
  • Turnkey business with a quick business set-up
  • Low investment, minimal retail experience required
  • Simple operations; pick, weigh, pay with one price concept for creates customer-friendly ambience
  • Flexible retail environments adaptable to multiple venues
  • Colourful, attractive and high-quality sweets
  • Flexibility in determining product range from preapproved suppliers according to local market needs
  • No advertising or marketing fees

Support & Training

SWEET FACTORY will provide the comprehensive training and support necessary to help you operate and track your business efficiently. The training program is tailored to your needs and covers operations, POS training, staff scheduling, merchandising, physical inventory, branding and promotion, sales techniques and customer service and much more. You will be provided assistance in financial planning and provided all the materials necessary for a smooth start.

All training materials such as Sweet Factory Operations Manual, Staff Manuals and forms will be provided during the initial training. Whether you are a first time business owner or an experienced operator, the Sweet Factory team is accessible and ready to assist you at any time. The only prerequisite is superior customer service experience and a passion for retail.

Site Selection

Sweet Factory can assist you in choosing the right location based on neighbourhood, mall traffic, footfall, lease terms, visibility and competition. Sweet Factory will also help you in designing the most space-effective, fun and attractive stores that work for you.

Sweet Factory “promotes itself” and naturally attracts high repeat traffic due to its attractive and lively appearance, scrumptious products and superior customer service. You will be provided professional marketing support and assistance in growing and promoting Sweet Factory business with complete branding guidelines such as artwork, in-store signage, and label designs. 

Sweet Factory is dedicated to amplifying its brand equity and reinforcing its premier position as the world’s leading brand for Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets.

Sweet Factory will provide comprehensive training and support necessary to help you operate and track your business efficiently…

Retail Environment

Sweet Factory outlets and stores have been designed to be convenient, durable, easy to maintain and attractive.

We have spent a great deal of time and effort to produce display units of the highest standards. You have the flexibility to choose the retail environment that suits your territory and prospective locations. Both inline shops and concessions are available and you will be provided with the concept and shop design support and assistance in their deciding what suits you the best according to your budget and respective territory.

Products and Merchandising

Sweet and sour jellies, marshmallows, fudge, coated fruits & nuts, chocolate treats, hard candy and gift items are some of the items displayed attractively and conveniently in specially designed bins. From traditional sweets and old favourites to the latest sweets and most sought after products, only the best selection of products, are sourced from the US and Europe.  

Due to the purchasing power and volume of products ordered, Sweet Factory has negotiated special pricing arrangements at preferred prices with suppliers in different countries and is able to source products at competitive prices.

With some vegetarian products, most of the sweets contain natural colourings and flavours. Where needed Franchisees are provided Halal certificates for their products. 

Sweet Factory’s carefully selected products are delivered with the manufacturer’s information; country of origin, ingredients used in processing/manufacturing, supplier information, shelf life, and storage and shipping conditions. You are given discretion in ordering your products according to the tastes and preferences of the market you operate in. You will be updated regularly about new products and special purchases. Sweet Factory has rigorous rules in storing, stacking, keeping and delivering our products so that only the finest selection of confectionary is presented to our customers and you will be provided support and training in such issues as order placement, and stocktaking and storage.

All consumables and packaging materials such as sweet bags, carrier bags and packing materials are all designed to complement the sweet factory concept in line with the brand identity. The pouches with the “Tin-Man” Logo and corporate colours are specifically designed with customer convenience in mind.  Each pouch is re-sealable with a handle and just the right size making it easy to place and receive the sweets. Sweet Factory Franchisees are also required to purchase other branded materials such as packaging supplies, staff uniforms and other consumables from Regional Head Offices. This not only guarantees quality conformity but also competitive prices for the Franchisees to enjoy.

Pricing Policy & Margins

After analyzing the local economic conditions, taxes, competitors and any other fees that you may be subject to in your territory, Sweet Factory will advise you on a retail price.  All Pick ‘n’ Mix products retail at the same price, however, the cost of different products and therefore the margins can vary considerably. You are advised to order and maintain a product range, including gift items, at an acceptable margin without compromising quality. Especially the gift items and or packaged products should not compete with the Pick ‘n’ Mix products and should retail at similar margins to the Pick ‘n’ Mix products for maximum profitability.

Marketing and Website

Sweet Factory provides promotional support and assists you in designing creative marketing programs to enhance your operations and performance in your territory. These may be tailored to specific cultural or local needs.

Sweet Factory will provide the necessary technical assistance in helping you develop your own website in your local language and integrate it into the Sweet Factory Global Website. You will be able to provide store locations, products and other information.